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Houston Seafood is proud to deliver some of the finest seafood in existence, imported from locations around the world. As a trusted seafood wholesaler, we serve some of the world's most well-known brands, ensuring that their customers enjoy the finest flavors provided by the sea. Our corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, and we have seafood distributor offices in locations around the world.


We have two warehousing and distribution facilities, both with freezer, fresh storage, and processing capabilities. Our fully-refrigerated facilities are the only facilities of their kind in Texas, with more than 10 different temperature zones to ensure fully-integrated product receiving, storage, processing, and shipping. Facilities are strategically located to optimally serve our entire customer base.

Those facilities are supported by key global partnerships with producers in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. We have more than 75 employees and own and operate our own fleet with trucks of various sizes.