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Our Products
HSC packs restaurant quality seafood specialties from around the world. All products bearing the FISH TALES (under line with picture of label), and HSC ( under line with picture of the box) labels are packed following stringent quality guidelines we set for our processors. Our main focus is on quality, food safety, full traceability, and safe supply chain. We go to great length to make sure that our quality control inspectors are doing their job. In some cases our products tested by independent third party labs for any kind of microbes and or chemicals to assure our customers of our commitment to product safety.
Tilapia products
Our tilapia is always 100% net weight, chemical free, and fully traceable through its feed, farms, processing plants and our supply chain. We pack a dry product with no added water weight, and or any phosphates. It is packed in a third party audited plant in the Hainan Island in South of China.
Chinese Catfish
We import catfish from one of the only 4 FDA inspected and green ticketed plants in China. Our catfish comes from the farms in the high mountain of Hubei province in China, and is processed again in a fully third party audited plant. It is fully traceable through feed through our supply chain.
Our swaii partners in Vietnam are fully committed to sustainable farming practices, and are known as the green company in Vietnam.
Domestic Shrimp
Our black and gold label domestic P&D shrimp is inspired by the success of New Orleans Saints in the 2009/2010 super bowl season, and that is why we took extra care in developing our product, which is packed in one of the largest and most modern shrimp plant in Louisiana. We only pack the best quality shrimp available to us in season, and we do not take short cuts.
Cooked shrimp
Our cooked tail off shrimp line is value driven, and it is packed following the same stringent quality control as we do for our other products. We make sure that we are packing the best quality shrimp in our label while providing our customers a great value at a great price.
Crawfish products
We have been processing and importing crawfish tail meat for over 10 years, and we are one of the largest crawfish tail meat supplier in the country. We have worked with some of the largest seafood restaurant chains and distributors to make sure that we pack the product which has been through vigorous testing abroad and in USA to assure our customers of the best quality and the safest product.

We stock over 2000 different items to provide our customers with a one shop convenience, and service, if do not find what you are looking for in our product list, ask one of knowledgeable product specialist, and they will be very happy to help you. Here click for a product list.

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