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About Us
Welcome to Houston Seafood About Us
Houston Seafood Co. has been in business since 1993. We are a part of group of companies, which include a trading company, two shrimp packing plants, and joint ventures in India, China, and Thailand. We also have a distribution facility in Houston, TX. which service all major metropolitan areas in Texas. We consider ourselves as truly a world class provider of seafood products. Our strength lies in our ability to procure products from all corners of the world, and getting them to our customers in a timely fashion.
We want to establish the standards for the seafood industry by which all others are measured. Our vision is to combine highest quality of products with sustainable practices, professional attitude, and ethical conduct by which creating a value for all of our customers, vendors, and employees as well contributing to the society at large.
Our Philosophy
We consider ourselves rather unique in the industry. What we do is try to identify the needs of our customers and then forge a partner-ship with them to fulfill those needs. With our vendors, we maintain the same philosophy; working together to insure consistent supply and quality of the products we carry.
Having integrity means that we base our actions on a consistent framework of principles. As a company, we believe in educating our customers about differences in products and providing them with the tools to make informed choices. We believe in truth in labeling, making sure that we are providing our customers what we say we are. We believe in sustainability, and working with our partner suppliers in other countries to provide living wages for their workers, and to support long term eco-friendly fishing practices.
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